Version: 2.4.1 / august 4 2018

  • edit various improvements to review post class
  • edit improved embed functions and shortcodes
  • fix shortcode can cause problems on the admin side in rare cases

Version: 2.4 / july 1 2018

  • new core file for shortcodes
  • new shortcode: reviews_overview – embed Overview block
  • new shortcake support: reviews_overview
  • new multiple reviews per user per post based on method vote settings

Version: 2.3.1 / may 14 2018

  • edit various improvements to rendering of the review rating item
  • fix call to wrong method in the multi stars rating rendering
  • fix call to wrong method in the multi slider rating rendering

Version: 2.3 / may 8 2018

  • new expanded default form with actions
  • new expanded review saving with processing actions
  • new filter for expanding the list of templates
  • new templates loading functions support custom templates
  • edit various under the hood tweaks and improvements
  • edit reorganized the locations of the templates

Version: 2.2 / april 4 2018

  • new requires GD Rating System Pro 3.1
  • new for multi rating methods requires Multi Ratings Addon 2.0
  • new support for multi slider rating method
  • new support for multi slider review method
  • new disable addon if not used with proper plugin version
  • fix problem with missing multi rating elements data
  • fix slider rating method not working correctly

Version: 2.1 / december 26 2017

  • new requires GD Rating System Pro 3.0
  • new support for slider review rating method
  • new filter to decide if reviews are enabled for post
  • new disable dynamic load addon for user review block rating

Version: 2.0.1 / november 28 2017

  • fix fatal error: outdated database class name used

Version: 2.0 / november 25 2017

  • new save user_review_id inside the rating log meta
  • new moderation override for user reviews
  • new notification emails override for user reviews
  • new requires GD Rating System Pro 2.5
  • edit change user review form rating field names
  • edit various styling updates and improvements
  • edit various minor code updates and cleanup
  • fix some rating data was not sanitized on saving

Version: 1.6 / october 27 2017

  • edit improvements to the plugin loading and initialization
  • fix rating rendering object loading fails in some cases

Version: 1.5 / october 12 2017

  • new show review in moderation queue to review author
  • new allow logged in review authors to edit own reviews
  • new limit for how long author can edit own review
  • new control inclusion of individual posts for review
  • new filter to change common review elements labels
  • new admin side user reviews list: subject column
  • new admin side user reviews list: pros and cons column
  • new admin side user reviews list: rating percentage column
  • new admin side: comments menu item for User Reviews filter
  • new admin side edit comments: subject field
  • new admin side edit comments: pros and cons fields
  • edit various core improvements for better code reuse
  • edit show user reviews tab in metabox for enabled post types only
  • edit improved method for getting review object instance
  • edit tinymce editor various styling improvements

Version: 1.2 / july 27 2017

  • new option to force registration of post type comments feature
  • new requires GD Rating System Pro 2.3
  • new all templates modified to use new loop object

Version: 1.1 / may 10 2017

  • new use TinyMCE editor for writing the review content
  • new allow use of HTML for the Pros and Cons items
  • new allow use of expanded set of HTML tags and attributes
  • new option to redirect to custom URL after submitting review
  • new controls for maximum length allowed for review content
  • new review template: show standalone URL for the review
  • new review template: filter for the review author link
  • new review template: support for the BuddyPress profile links
  • new option to allow use of content length limiter
  • new addon settings split into several panels
  • new review content properly formatted on display
  • edit sort reviews drop down scrolls down to reviews on load
  • edit changes to some code organization for admin side
  • edit several styling changes and improvements
  • edit many updates to the plugin core objects
  • edit various updates to the addon admin side panels
  • fix few typos and issues with descriptions
  • fix settings panels problem if the extension is disabled
  • fix small issue with the HTML markup for individual reviews

Version: 1.0 / march 8 2017

  • new first version