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User Reviews

User Reviews Overview

Easy to setup and use

User Reviews Addon is created to work alongside comments system, or to replace it. Everything can be setup using the addon setting, and no coding is required. Simply enable the user reviews for the post types you want to use it for, set the rating method and other settings available, and you are done.

The addon can replace the comments block and comments form with the reviews block and reviews form without any additional code.

Reviews are relying on the WordPress comments, so even when you decide to stop using the plugin, reviews will remain in the database as comments.

Reviews overview, sorting and single review
Review form with basic fields

Review Form

The review form includes the mandatory review content field (it can use TinyMCE editor), mandatory rating block, optional subject field and optional Pros and Cons field allowing the reviewer to enter one or more statements that will be displayed under the review content in the final review.

By default, only registered and logged in users can post reviews, but, you can use post type based rules to enable anonymous reviews posting. Anonymous users will need to fill email, name and website, similar to comments form.

And, all submitted reviews can be moderated (similar to comments), with options to control which reviews will be moderated.

Reviews Rating

For reviews, this addon can use different rating methods. Review method can be chosen for each post type individually. And, with multi rating methods when choosing method, you will see all the available multi rating series. Supported rating methods for User Reviews:

  • Stars Rating (core GD Ratings System Pro)
  • Slider Rating (core GD Ratings System Pro)
  • Multi Stars Rating (with Multi Ratings Addon)
  • Multi Slider Rating (with Multi Ratings Addon)

Rating the Reviews

If you want, you can enable Public Rating. This will allow your website readers to vote about individual reviews. This is reserved for simpler rating methods that will give quick feedback about individual reviews, and currently these methods are supported for Public Rating:

  • Like This (core GD Ratings System Pro)
  • Thumbs Rating (core GD Ratings System Pro)

If you enable public ratings of reviews, reviews can be sorted by this rating.

Full Rating Overview

If you are writing about products on your website, and you are using GD Rating System Pro author/editor reviews feature (you can rate the product you are writing about on the edit screen), you can display your author review.

Now, with User Reviews addon, you can have your users review that same product, and you can show the rating from both you (product review post author/editor) and the users via users reviews. This way website visitors will get better insight into products you write about by comparing editor review with user reviews.

It is recommended to use same rating method for both types of reviews, and that too can be configured for each post type when setting the addon.

Customized overview of user and author review rating
Example WooCommerce store page with User Reviews Addon

WooCommerce Integration

This addon can integrate into a WooCommerce powered store and replace the default review system WooCommerce uses. This replacement covers all aspects: overall review block, reviews tab, rich snippets support, products shop grids displaying overall ratings.

And, there are many advanced settings to control the integration: option to show product owner badge, allow only product owners to leave reviews, automatically reconfigure User Reviews addon to work with WooCommerce and more.

With User Reviews addon you will get more flexibility and power when it comes to collecting user reviews related to your products.

If you had reviews in the WooCommerce store from the default review system, these reviews and rating can’t be migrated into User Reviews powered reviews!

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