Latest Stable Release

Integration Addon for WooCommerce 2.0
File Size: 68.62 KB

Rewritten and updated for plugin version 5.0.

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Version: 2.0 · Build: 400
Released: 13 Sep 2021
WordPress: 5.1 or newer
PHP: 7.0 or newer

Previous Stable Releases

Integration Addon for WooCommerce 1.2
File Size: 45.25 KB

Various minor updates and changes.

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Version: 1.2 · Build: 345
Released: 5 Aug 2019
WordPress: 4.7 or newer
PHP: 5.6 or newer

Integration Addon for WooCommerce 1.1
File Size: 26.31 KB

Few styling improvements.

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Version: 1.1 · Build: 319
Released: 12 Jan 2018
WordPress: 4.4 or newer
PHP: 5.5 or newer

Integration Addon for WooCommerce 1.0
File Size: 26.22 KB

First official version.

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Version: 1.0 · Build: 312
Released: 15 Jul 2017
WordPress: 4.3 or newer
PHP: 5.5 or newer

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