Code Builder addon is easy to use, and it allows you to generate PHP functions for use in the themes or other plugins to display rating blocks. Code Builder includes multiple builders for different types of functions and tasks.

Here is how the typical builder looks like:

Single Rating Block Builder
Single Rating Block Builder

Basic controls are on the left. The main area contains resulting function (or code block). Under this area, you have controls. These controls depend on the selections you made on the left side (different methods or items selection).

When you change any of the settings, this change reflects and updates the function block on the top. Each option has a checkbox and this checkbox enables or disables the element. If you don’t use some of the elements, the plugin will use default values.

Currently, the plugin has 2 main builders:

  • Single Rating Block – for the current post or any other rating item
  • Ratings List Block – display ratings results for selected rating type

And, there are additional code builders:

  • WP Query Loop Block – create WordPress custom loop and add ratings

The plan is to add more example code builders in the future versions and to attempt and cover a wide range of uses. This will include templates builder that can generate custom templates for each rating method.

WP Query Block
WP Query Block