Export Process

Currently, the Analytics addon allows you to create new reports for getting ratings and votes for any rating item type for any rating method with an additional filter to narrow down the set of returned results. To create a new report, open the new Analytics menu under the Rating System admin menu, and you will see the list of all available reports, with the option to create a new report. Once opened, the report panel has options to configure the report.

Basic setup for the report
Additional report filters for rating items

Each report can handle single rating items type, and single rating method (you can’t mix different types in the same report, and you can’t mix the rating methods – in general, you can’t compare likes to stars). To run the report, and generate an export for it, each report in the list has a Run button.

Processing of reports is done in the background, and once finished, results are available in the Exports under Analytics. There you can download individual export files.

List of exports and files to download
Open Debugger Panel